Freezing doors with troll lifting mechanism for freezing stores

The design of these doors is designed in this way, when closing, an automatic lifting of the trolley occurs, it ensures the sealing of the opening excluding any cells of cold. The automatic lifting system of the trolley is based on the ASPI standard sliding freezers.
The door leaf:The door leaf 150, 120, 100, 80, 60 мм thick. The surface is smooth, the filler is a rigid foamed polyurethane with a density of 10-42 кг/m3. Facing - steel graded primed sheet 0.55 mm thick (possibly up to 0.7 mm) with Polyester coating and additional protective removable polymer film. By special order - stainless steel. The color of the canvas is RAL 9006 (silver).
Accesories: All doors come with a high quality finish from Belgium and France. The lock has an ergonomic design and a set of key.
*All other details are as in sliding doors to refrigerating and freezing chambers.