Double-wing sliding doors for cooling stores

The door frame, the door leaf edge of the sliding doors is made of an anodized aluminum profile filled with polyurethane (manufactured in Belgium, Germany). Electric heating for DMV (Door freezers pull-outs). The threshold is made from the stainless steel. The door leaf is filled with polyurethane.
The door leaf:The door leaf 80, 60 мм thick. The surface is smooth, the filler is a rigid foamed polyurethane with a density of 10-42 кг/m3. The maximum length of the tire is 6140mm. Possible width of the door leaf is: 890-1090 мм (2131DV), 1091-1290 мм (2132DV), 1291-1490 мм (2133DV), 1491-1690 мм (2134DV), 1691-1990 мм (2135DV), 1991-2290 мм (2136DV), 2291-2590 мм (2132DV). The colour of the door leaf is - RAL 9006 (silver).
Accesories: All doors come with a high quality finish from Belgium and France. The lock has an ergonomic design and a set of key.
In the photo: top rail of the tyre mechanism, lower thrust guide, internal design of tire mechanism of doors, door leaf convergence, the construction scheme of doors. *All other details are as in sliding doors to refrigerating and freezing chamber.