ASPI philosophy

Each type of our activity has certain features that are unique − this is our mentality, our vision. These are the features that can not be copied by any other company. Because it is the Individual.

The Individua, that is best explained by our virtues:
progress, challenge, quality and partnership.
«ASPI − a company based on philosophy more than on marketing. At first, mind and decency − then business», − The motto that characterizes our company. Therefore, the way we work is so important to us as what we do and say / Aspi.This is the heart of our philosophy.
ASPI Chairman, engineer I. Putsak
This is our desire for advanced technologies and our desire to perceive everyday life openly.
Our work and products are extremely trustworthy and affordable and reliable.
The part of our spirit and the fact that mobility and speed are in our blood.
positive and productive relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, society and the surrounding environment.

About us

The company ASPI was established on invested funds from Germany in 1994 as a supplier of West European insulating materials to Ukrainian food industry enterprises. They were mostly meat and dairy processing enterprises, which in those periods of barterization were forced to pay by their own products for our supplied insulating materials because of the lack of funds. That is why our company was acutely concerned with the preservation and marketing of perishable food products. Due to it, a strategic decision was made to implement independently European isolation technologies into Ukrainian food industry enterprises.